How great is the AEC community!!

Something that I knew for a long time, but kinda hit me last week after I learned something pretty cool yet again.

It is very good to see that a lot of us from all over the world despite being, or working for, competitors help each other out a lot. For example for Revit and I’m sure similar for ArchiCAD, Tekla, Vectorworks, Adomi, Sketchup where people share their knowledge with other people in their own time (or their bosses time) helping people get better or more efficient.

But also people sharing their knowledge through video, webinars, online classes or posts on the interweb (Twitter and LinkedIn for me mainly) and the people creating free tools for everybody to use, I mean where would we be without pyrevit or all the free packages in Dynamo.

Not gonna name anyone specific here, but we all know who they are, so feel free to give any of them a shoutout below !

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