Orkestra for Revit/Dynamo

Today a VERY cool add-in for Revit/Dynamo namedmade by Mostafa El Ayoubi El Idrissi who also made the Dynamo package Data Shapes, which is of course one of the great Dynamo packages.

What Orkestra does, amongst other things, is help you streamline your Dynamo scripts and packages, both for yourself with the free version or for your company with a paid (and cheap) version. Both let you make custom toolbars with your scripts with custom icons if you want too. As you can see in the image I might have gone a bit overboard on the icons, but that was fun to do.

The cool thing about the paid version is that it writes scripts to the cloud, so any user in your company will also get that in their toolbar, with the icons, but you can also upload the Dynamo packages that are needed for that script to the cloud, so there is no problem anymore with people not having the right package and scripts not running because of that.

It all comes with user management and rights, analytics on who uses which script and if all went well. This user management means you can specify which user sees which script, so you can divide it by normal user, power users and BIM managers for example.

So go and have a look at the site here: orkestra.online download the free version to give it a go and contact Mostafa for question, I’m sure he is happy to answer them, he was happy to answer mine.

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