Revit and WorkSets

Again, one of those Revit thing I keep wondering about.

Working for multiple companies as a freelancer and doing fixed prices projects for a lot of others I come across a lot of different ways to use Revit.

One of the things I see companies do and I have never done myself is Worksets. Some have just a few (architectural, structural, interior) and some have a Workset for everything (interior walls, exterior walls, doors, widows, trim, etc.)

The idea is that you can use them to filter stuff out I guess, but I think that is what . . . well . . . filters are for. I have actually noticed that for me at least it takes away a lot of my productivity and efficiency, because I need to keep track on what WS I put stuff and if you do it wrong and stuff is in groups you are screwed.

So, what do you guys think, should I start using WS?
Is there some benefit to them I don’t know about?
Is it smart to use WS for filtering?

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