So, Revit 2022…

I’m sure there are things that have changed for MEP and Structural, but as I don’t really do that I’ll stick to the Architecture stuff.

In the hour or so I tried 2022 I noticed a few things that have changed. First there are some User Interface things. Small things, like being able to resize windows or columns inside windows (like in Filters) and Windows that remember the last Tab you were on. Helpful, sure, but not groundbreaking 🙂

Some things I’m probably never going to use, like the ability to hide Non-Core Wall Layers in the V/G settings or being able to make more and more custom sequences for Revision numbering (I see people ask about that once in a while, so they will be happy) or tapered walls, but you will never know.

Something I might use is the ability to use the same Tag for multiple objects. When you tag different things it will show you <varies>, which is nice.

What I will use is the ability to use both Family and Type names in Filters for Schedules. Where you had to jump through hoops with adding info in Comments just to filter, you can now use the Type Name, so that will make some Schedules a bit simpler especially if you have your naming convention in order.

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